Client Transformations and Testimonials

"Wow, where do I begin. I'll start by saying if you're considering hiring Will as your personal trainer, just do it! I am so happy I committed to training with him. I always considered myself semi-athletic, having played sports my whole life, but I had no clue what to do when it came to lifting weights in a gym. I now feel confident walking into a gym and exercising. Will crafted a training plan that worked for me and couldn't have been easier to follow. I was so impressed by how quickly I started seeing results. Within weeks, I saw changes in my physique. It wasn't just weight loss, but for the first time I was seeing muscle growth and overall toning. Six months later, I'm still going and I haven't plated the way I typically did with most workout plans or diets. The continued support and motivation Will provides has kept me progressing and surpassing my goals in health and fitness."
"I've been working with Will for over 7 months and have seen great results thanks to his programs. I was in need of real structure and that's what Will provides. He has a new personalized workout plan each month to go with his nutrition plan which has helped me gain almost 20 pounds. His weekly check ins keep you accountable and allow you to get get real time feedback if you have any questions. I would highly recommend talking to Will about your fitness goals. Whatever those goals are, he will be able to help you reach them!"