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  • Final Four (Part 4)

    The second I saw the ball hit the back of the net, I took off. I don’t even remember getting down the field, but I almost certainly covered 100 yards in no more than eight seconds. What a feeling.
  • Final Four (Part 3)

    When I decided to write about this whole experience, I did not intend for it to be made up of multiple parts. But once I started, I realized that there was a lot more to write about than I originally thought. And still, I’ve left a lot out. Looking back to what was technically the second round (first round for us) of the national tournament against Notre Dame College, I remember the general vibe was “great we get an extra game”. As I mentioned before, the conference championship was our big goal that season and after coming up short, it almost felt like our season ended there. But it didn’t.
  • Mental Fitness

    You can squat 500 for reps and do 30 strict pull ups, but if you don’t sort out what’s going on in your head, what is all of that really worth?