How Does Online Personal Training Work?

     I remember scrolling through Instagram and looking at different accounts within the fitness world and seeing that people offering Online Coaching. I always wondered what it was. Obviously, it had to be a viable thing. I just had no idea how it was possible. And on top of that, there were coaches claiming to be making thousands per month all from their phone. Now I know.

     If you have kept up to date with Marshall Fitness, then you know that I now offer online personal training. And to be honest, it is a fantastic way to hold people accountable without being there physically with them every step of the way.

      How does it work? Well technology has come a long way. There are several different kinds of software out there that are made specifically for personal trainers. The one I use, Trainerize, allows clients to create their profiles. Then, depending on the type of package they choose. I can deliver their workout to them on their phone. All programs are designed with what the client has access to in mind. For example, if a client wants to workout at home and has minimal equipment, their programming will be designed so that they can complete their workouts with what they have.

      Whenever a client starts a workout, all they have to do is hit ‘start’, log their weights, then hit end, and I get a notification that they have completed their workout. I can also set nutrition and macro goals depending on the goals of each client. The app does a perfect job of tracking exercise and nutrition data. It allows clients to upload progress pictures for side-by-side comparison at the end of the month. My online clients have access to me all month whether it’s through Trainerize, email or text message.

      Now, let’s compare a monthly online set up to say personal training at LA Fitness. Generally (based on my own experience), a membership at LA Fitness costs anywhere between $30-$50 per month+$75 initiation fee. A 1-hour personal training session at LA Fitness costs $60. 

      So say for example, you became a member at LA Fitness and wanted to work with a personal trainer 1 hour per week for a month. This would cost you somewhere between $345-$365 in your first month. Remember this is access to the gym + 4 hours of working out under the supervision of a certified personal trainer per month.

      Marshall Fitness Online Training packages costs between $250-$325 per month (already cheaper) and offer programming/nutrition support all month long (level of nutrition support depends on the package). I think you can see where I’m going with this. I have a few clients that are seeing impressive results.

      Take my good friend and former teammate Dan Lynd. He’s been the poster child for Marshall Fitness Online Training (Shoutout Dan [prayer hands emoji]). He started out at 177lbs looking to build muscle and increase his strength levels. As of today (12/4/20), he’s weighed in at 188lbs in his 1st week of his 3rd month. So he has gained 11 lbs. in 9 weeks. Beyond that, all of his lifts have increased drastically. He started deadlifting 135lbs. x 12 reps. Yesterday he deadlifted 225lbs. x 10 reps. I can see all of this progress on my phone/laptop. Dan also lives in New York, so I have never been there for one of his workouts and he has made a ton of progress.

      In light of current world events, online personal training has never been more valuable. It offers a comprehensive and valuable resource to those who need support along their health and fitness journey. Covid-19 does not have to be the reason you put off starting and it definitely doesn’t have to be the reason to lose everything you have already worked for. If you want to use this time to get ahead of everyone else, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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